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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara--

high on the Riviera,

I am surrounded by fragrance;

the garden is intense, disordered;

birds of paradise

violet and orange flames,

the Santa Ynez mountains

hazy in the distance.

The day is shimmering with

the purple jacaranda,

organge bougainvillea,

the blue and white of the harbour,

abalone boats and idle sailors on the dock,

discussing fishing laws and propositions

that measure out the boundaries of their lives;

a parasailor is pulled out to sea --

the yellow chute hovering in the distance.

Suddenly, I am in a different landscape--

the cobalt blue of the Spanish tile in the plaza,

the colours of Matisse surround me;

my emotions are becoming like the green line

that runs down the face

of the painter's wife.

- RC/1996

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