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Sunday, 16 January 2011

With eyes at the back of our heads/Denis Levertov

With eyes at the back of our heads

we see a mountain

not obstructed with woods but laced

here and there with feathery groves.

The doors before us a facade

that perhaps has no house in back of it

are too narrow, and one is set high

with no doorsill. The architect sees

the imperfect proposition and

turns eagerly to the knitter.

Set it to rights!

The knitter begins to knit.

For we want

to enter the house, if there is a house,

to pass through the doors at least

into whatever lies beyond them,

we want to enter the arms

of the knitted garment. As one

is re-formed, so the other,

in proportion.

When the doors widen

when the sleeves admit us

the way to the mountain will clear,

the mountain we see with

eyes at the back of our heads, mountain

green, mountain

cut of limestone, echoing

with hidden rivers, mountain

of short grass and subtle shadows.

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  1. Thank you for posting this poem. I wish I understood it better - maybe after more readings. Sometimes I write. I like some of my own poetry but don't share much. I am currently a live-in grandmother in MT with a solitary husband left behind in Denver to work. I read a little of the poetry my husband likes - including Levertov. It's terrible, but I like writing more than reading. Susan